Day Tour

Along the River Isar

Munich’s lifeblood is and has always been the river Isar. It runs from the Karwendelgebirge roughly 300km to the north and flows into the Danube in the city of Deggendorf. The fourth largest Bavarian river, it was once used as an important trade route by the raftsmen. We will follow the Isar for some time from Bad Tölz to Munich.
Duration 8 hours
Starting time Between 8am and 10am - to be coordinated
Meeting point Bad Tölz
Type Guided bike tour along the river Isar from Bad Tölz to Munich
Distance 55-60 km
Rise Some strong rises
Price 290 € basic price (first 4 participants)
50 € for every additional participant
except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays:
390 € basic price (first 6 participants)
50 € for every additional participant

Price for larger groups (10+ participants): on request
Bike rental Bike rental from 17 € (optional)
Upon request, the bicycles can be delivered to your hotel and picked up at another location.
Bicycles may be rented for an entire day.

The Isar was already used as a trade route during the reign of the Roman Empire. From the 17th century onwards, the raftsmen would transport - including tropical fruits, spices, cotton and silk - on the Isar and further down the Danube towards Vienna and Budapest. Over 8000 rafts per year arrived in Munich during the peak of rafting. When and why did the commercial rafting come to an end? You will find out during our tour along the Isar!

The starting point is the health resort Bad Tölz. We will follow the Isar northwards, first through the moorlands called Königsdorfer Filze, then towards the city of Geretsried and to the international raftsmen town Wolfratshausen. From there we cycle through the idyllic Pupplinger Au, through the small town Schäftlarn with its famous monastery, and we will pass the river power plant Mühltal. We will get closer to Munich via Pullach and Großhesselohe. Our destination is the Deutsches Museum, which is on an island of the Isar.

I will tell you more about the rafting tradition in and around Munich at a cozy inn where we will stop for a bite to eat and a drink.