Your Radlguide

All about me

Riding a bicycle is my panacea and has been an important part of my life since my youth. If I have to run an errand, if I have an appointment with someone, if it is summer or winter, if the distance is 2 or 20 kilometers -  it doesn't matter. The bicycle is always my first choice as a means of transport. Here is why: I see and discover more by bike than by car, and it is much faster than on foot. As a bike guide, this passion became my profession.

I am a specialist in terms of Munich, too. I have explored and gotten to know the Bavarian capital in many different ways: during my studies of Intercultural Communication and Cooperation, as a taxi driver, as a postal worker, by public transport, on foot and, of course, by bike. There has been and still is a lot to discover. I am a self-taught aficionado of Munich! I deepened my knowledge by reading several history books and particularly by attending courses about the history of the city and Bavaria at the Institut Bavaricum.

And now it is your turn: I would like to show you the nicest parts of Munich. Join me on an enjoyable tour of the city or its surroundings – the path is the true destination!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Manfred Platz